Priser & info

Monday-Friday, 08:00 – 16:00, 1½ hours massage: DKK 1.500,-

Monday-Friday, 08:00 – 16:00, 1¾ hours massage: DKK 1.800,-

There is a possibility of an evening booking after individual agreement (evenings begin at 16:00) for the price of DKK 2.500,-.

The same exception applies for weekends, also for DKK 2.500,-.

Before you book time for a massage

You can book time by email, SMS or phone call.

I do not respond to emails or SMS like:

  • hi babe, sexy etc.
  • how are you doing?
  • address?

I use my phone or email to book appointments and to give further information about the massage i offer, not for chatting or looking for friendships or relationships.

You do not have to write about yourself. Your age and appearance is not important, because tantric massage is for everybody … as long as you are a clean, decent person. It is always polite if you write your name.


You are welcome to book a time by email but please note, if you want to book time for the same day you run the risk that I will not read your email in time. I check my emails every few hours, so I suggest that you send me a SMS or call me instead.

After booking a time for your appointment, you will be asked for your mobile number. I will send you my address by SMS. If you prefer to have it sent by email, I will ask you to send me your name by SMS. I am not going to use your number to write you SMS’s, I am a serious, discreet person. It is ghjghj for my own safety.


It is the most effective way to book an appointment.

If I am not answering your message, I am busy and I will answer as soon as possible.

I will gladly answer your questions as long as they are questions.

Comments like “Hi”, “You are pretty” or “Hi, sexy …” are not questions and I do not think, they need any answer.


You can call me during my working hours.

I do not pick up my phone after 21:00. Phone calls after 21:00 or especially at night I find rude and respectless.

I do answer calls from hidden numbers, but please remember that I will ask for your number before I confirm any booking.

If I do not pick up your call, I am probably busy. Please write me an SMS instead and I will answer as soon as I will be able to.


You can book an appointment days or weeks ahead, you can also call me and book a time for the same day. In the second option there is of course a higher risk that I will not have time that day.

Please be on time. Do not come earlier then the time of our appointment. If you arrive earlier, please send me a message. I will let you know, if it is possible to start earlier or not.

Clients, who want to book time after 16:00 will be asked to make a prepayment of DKK 500,- by MobilePay™.

The same rule applies to weekend bookings.

If you are going to be late, do inform me as soon as possible please. If you are 10 minutes late without any information, our appointment is automatically cancelled. The reason is, that I am not able to extend the massage because of the next appointment. I am not able to give a good full body massage in a time shorter than 1,5 hour.

Please note: Prepayments will NOT be refunded on cancellations or no show!