Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions that I have been asked.
There are also some rules that will help you to avoid some misunderstandings.

  1. WHAT IS THE PRICE FOR 1 HOUR OF MASSAGE? As I do not offer a 1hour massage, there is no price for it. I give a full body massage. In order to do that properly and on a very high level, I need at least 1,5 hour.
  2. CAN I TOUCH YOU? I recommend, that you turn your attention inwards, toward what is going on inside yourself and that your focus is on receiving and being completely present in your experience. When you touch me, your focus changes from an energetical aspect of massage to a physical focus, on me. There is no reason for you to touch me on purpose. There is so much body contact between us, that touching me is not necessary. However, I do not mind if you gently rest your hands on my skin, when it feels naturally relaxing.
  3. IS SEX INCLUDED? I do NOT offer sex! I do not do “handjobs” or “happy endings” or similar. Yes, I do give lingam (penis) massage, but without any intention of your sexual satisfaction. If you have an erection or ejaculate during the massage, it is ok with me. Remember please, that during the session I do not have any expectation to you having an erection or ejaculation and I will not judge you, if you ejaculate early or not at all. Everything during the session must be natural, including all reactions of your body.
  4. CAN YOU WRITE ME ABOUT A MASSAGE? No, I can not 🙂 Everything is described on my website and I am not going to write it again, especially in a SMS. If you do not want to “waste” your time on reading my website, then why should I “waste” my time on rewriting it in a message to you? I do respect you, so please respect me as well – and my time. It is much easier for you to read my website, than for me to write everything from the beginning. I will gladly answer all your questions, to which you might not find the answers on my website. Questions, that are not related to the massage, such as the size of my breast, I refuse to answer.
  5. CAN YOU SEND ME MORE PICTURES? No, I can not. The pictures and information about me on this website are sufficient for you to make a decision if you want to come for a massage or not.
  6. CAN I TAKE A SHOWER AT YOUR PLACE? Yes, you can. I always ask clients to take a shower at my place, even if they already had one at home. A hygiene is very important to me. I have a hightened sense of smell 😉
  7. WILL IT ONLY BE THE TWO OF US IN THE CLINIQUE DURING THE MASSAGE? I am sorry, but I will not answer this question for my own safety. I never say whether we will be alone or not, but you have my guarantee that nobody is going to interrupt us during the session and that nobody will be running around the place while you are here.