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What is the tao tantric massage?

In the Far East and with Indian tribes, massage was originally a means of healing and well-being.

Thanks to massages, you can fulfil your fundamental needs, the one you used to know as a child: being touched with tenderness and respect and the warmth of that caress.
Tantra massage also addresses the deeper parts within yourself: it sets free energies you were never - or hardly - aware of. That energy is vital for you to feel well physically and mentally.

The tao tantric massage is a very sensual full body massage. According to the Tao Tantra philosophy, our "life energy" sprouts from our sexual energy.

Not a square centimeter of your body remains untouched. I promise that the tantric massage will generate "life energy" and make it flow onwards through the kundalini. Your body and mind will feel it and this feeling will stay in you for a long time after massage.

During the massage, you can experience what true relaxation is, how you can free yourself of tension and how to go from stress to serenity. You will get closer to your sensitivity and your true feelings. Thus, you can recognise them with an open mind, accept them and show them.
A liberation that will bring you closer to yourself and your needs.

During every tantric massage I transfer Reiki energy which will intensify your experience.

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